Route – something to interest everyone

Planning a route to appeal to all levels is a tricky task. With such a wealth of cycling experience amongst the trainees and consultant body, the route needs to have something which is attractive to even the most hardy of cycling enthusiasts. It also must offer a opportunity for those less experienced to get out into the hills and be challenged.

The ride takes participants from the shelter of Edmundbyers up a testing incline to cross Muggleswick Common, turning right to skirt Horseshoe Hill and Dead Friars. A short rollercoaster dip into Burnhope Burn lines the riders up for a quick climb to summit Bale Hill. From here a fast decent brings the big hills to an end.

Derwent Dale holds Derwent Reservoir. Our riders will flank the water and take the undulating road back towards Edmundbyers via Blanchland.

Time to prepare for another lap or a piece of cake…whichever you fancy.


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